Only two weeks ago we were in a crowded van in Eleuthera, heading North to Harbour Island, when it was pointed out to us that Tyler is doing correspondence university and I was still on maternity leave with my business being watched (regardless of me being in Canada, or abroad).  It was a fleeting comment that I wasn’t sure Tyler even picked up on.  We had a slow afternoon that day — we drank Goombay Punch and ate rice and peas on a covered deck overlooking the ocean, before making our way to the beach to play in the waves and take hundreds of pictures trying to capture the pink sand’s colour.

That night, once we were back at the house, in the quiet of our room and with Baby asleep, I hesitated to bring up the comment that I was fantasizing about all afternoon.   As soon as I started to skirt the topic, Tyler turned the computer to show that he was already on VRBO trying to find an affordable place we could rent, to see through the rest of my time off work.  In a matter of days, flights were booked, hotels were chosen, and an apartment was rented.

As I write this, the night before our departure, our backpacks are filled and waiting at the door — this time with more diapers and rattles than date-clothes and shoes.  We’ve been told that we could kiss our travel days goodbye once we had a baby, and while it will certainly be a different kind of trip than we would usually take, we look forward to seeing the world through a new set of eyes with Baby in tow.  We’ll write updates as we’re able about our adventures over the coming weeks, and will share photos of Baby’s first European vacation (a good third-month birthday gift, I’d say!).

Talk soon,

J xo

P.S. The above photo was taken in Bulgaria last spring — what a view!