In my mid-twenties with zilch responsibilities and adequate disposable income I decided I would visit every country in the world.  As I’ve gotten older and gained more responsibilities (balancing a busy career, keeping the house in order, being a wife, and a mum to a busy toddler and an infant — normal work-life balance we’re all trying to maintain) the goal has become less important than it once was.

That said, if we’re going to plan a holiday (which we always are in our daydreams over nap-time coffee) we might as well go somewhere new.  And, as most of our conversations go, “you know, if we’re in such-and-such anyway, then such-and-such is only (insert distance) away.”  Fifty four countries later, here we are!

Follow along if you like, to read about our day to day happenings in Ontario, countries we have visited, and the day dreams of future travel we have. I can’t wait to bring you along as we travel the world as a family, and push more pins into our travel map!