We’re in the News!

Well, not the actual news, but that’s a funny phrase our niece yelled once, and Jessica and I always repeat it, so I used it as the title.  What we are actually in, is the Winter 2019 edition of Rovers Magazine.  Rovers Magazine is a US based Land Rover magazine that is put out by the same folks who run Rovers North, a Land Rover parts and accessories company, based in Vermont.

Several months ago, I emailed Rovers Magazine to enter a contest to win a free coffee mug.  It works like this – you spot a Land Rover in an advertisement or other media (print, movie, television) where you wouldn’t expect to see one, and then they send you a free mug.  While Christmas shopping this year, Jessica and I were walking by a women’s clothing store and my eagle eye spotted a Land Rover Series II in a massive poster for their window display.  Jessica snapped a photo of me, posing and pointing at the Land Rover, and that was the photo I emailed off to Rovers Magazine.


I ended up corresponding with someone from Rovers Magazine via email (turns out I sent my photo to the wrong address, haha) and in passing I mentioned how we came to own our Land Rover.  Little did I know the man on the other end of the interwebs was Jeff Aronson, the editor of the entire magazine.  He asked a few follow up questions and said our story would be a great fit for an article in their next issue.  A few days later he phoned after the boys had gone to bed for the night.  Jeff is an incredibly interesting man and has forgotten more about Land Rovers then I will likely ever know.  He also happens to drive a beautiful 1966 Land Rover Series II-A as his daily driver.  Respect!  We had a nice chat about our Defender, our trip, and all things Land Rover.

From that chat he wrote up this article that arrived in the mail just a few days ago! Henry is pretty pumped that Gertrude and, “my entire family” as he said, are in a magazine, haha.  So are we Henry.

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 2.48.56 PM

Nice little spread eh? 

You can read our article here and the entire issue here!

Enjoy, and please let us know what you think in the comments below!


p.s. In all the excitement, I didn’t even end up getting the mug!! Haha.

3 thoughts on “We’re in the News!

  1. Jane Cole says:

    This article is fantastic, you both amaze me ! Thank you so much for including me in your family’s experience ‘s , I love it !
    And I think you deserve four mugs , one for each of you 😊
    Love Jane

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Beryl Mercer says:

    Hi Tyler, This is a great article. What a wonderful life you and Jessica have set up for yourselves. I’m a fan.

    You know me, always interested in your studies. How are they coming? With love, Beryl.


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