Toddler Tuesday: An Atlas for Kids.

Hi guys, Tyler here again.

Henry often talks about travel, (“my train is going to Albania” or, “this dump truck is going to Italy,” and so forth) and this afternoon he was desperate to go to the beach…as in, RIGHT. NOW.

Since September in Canada has brought temperatures in the low teens with its arrival, there’s no way we can convince Jessica to get in the water at the beach right now. Instead, we told Henry about the next beach we will be going to and showed him a picture online. He loved looking at photos of the palm trees and sparkling blue water and of course, like most toddlers, had a million questions that we took joy in answering (does this mean he has inherited the travel bug?!?! Woohoo!!).

As the questions died down I asked Henry, “Would you like to see where we are going on a map?” He eagerly said he would, and so I pulled this little gem off of our shelf.



We received this beautiful book as a baby gift when Henry was born, and he is just now getting to the age where he really likes to look at it; it’s a large, hardcover book with beautifully illustrated maps of most of the countries in the world. Each map tells the story of a country by including cartoon drawings of national animals, foods, past times, and historical figures.

As we continue to travel I’m sure Henry’s questions (and soon Tom’s, too) will only increase, and I have a feeling this is going to be a well-loved reference for the boys. Do you have any favourite books that you can’t wait to introduce to your little ones (or that you are perhaps reading on repeat)? I’d love some recommendations.



We’ve got a reader on our hands!

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