How To: Travel With a Bottle Fed Baby.

Guys, I’m a genius. Both of our boys have been bottle fed and I totally face-palmed myself for all the wasted time we spent before I came up with this easy peasy idea.

Pre-brilliance, we would pack cold milk in a thermos, bring a bottle, and when it was time to eat we’d look for a cafe or restaurant to heat it for us. The problem is, we’re not always conveniently near one; sometimes we’re on the highway 20 kilometres from the next rest stop and babes is screaming because he’s hungry and doesn’t want a cold bottle, sometimes Henry (toddler) is in the middle of a great time at a playground and doesn’t want to leave for 30 minutes to heat a bottle and come back, sometimes…well, you get the point.

Post-brilliance, I give you our new system!

We pack a bottle and thermos of cold milk as we did before, but now we also pack a thermos of boiling water (kettle in hotel room, or we ask anywhere that has access to boiling water to fill it for us because let’s be honest, we’re at a cafe at some point in the day) and a little jug. Now, at the first sign of hunger we fill the bottle, put boiling water into our jug, and heat the bottle in the jug.

This new found freedom to do whatever we want without having to interrupt our schedule is amaaazzziiinggg! Definitely recommend.  Our milk thermos holds 17 ounces, which is about three feeds or nine hours worth of time to be out and about!  We also travel with a room temperature ready-to-feed in case of emergencies but they’re super expensive so we avoid opening it when possible.

It isn’t cumbersome either. If you’re on a road trip, who cares because you have space and if you’re going on a day trip we just put it in the storage area of the stroller for easy access.

Hooray me!

J xo


Here is our system: Green Klean Kanteen has boiling water, “wood” S’well has cold milk, and the little jug we snagged from our Airbnb is used to heat the milkies.


We forked out the four bucks to get our own jug once we left the Airbnb.


Easy peasy snack time in the back of the Defender.

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