Match-Matchy Cruise Attire.

I believe this to be a trait that is native to the cruiser as I haven’t seen it elsewhere in our travels, but what is the deal with precisely matching your travel partner? I’m not talking “Lordy Lordy Pete is 40” themed neon orange t-shirts on a certain night, I’m talking going out and purchasing matching gear; droves of people with jackets, shoes, pants, or shirts all identical to their spouse.

My husband and I both own winter coats that are MEC brand because they make a great product and are affordable, but they are different cuts and colour. Which brings me to, who is wearing the opposite sex’s clothing — a man who is 6’2″ and his wife who is 5’4″ are in the same jacket which appears to be identical in cut and colour. How??

Anyway, here are two examples from the last day of our cruise. I wish I had of thought to capture it earlier on because there were dozens of examples and while the logistics confuse me, the aesthetic brings me joy.

Do you wear matching clothing to your partner when you travel? Tell me, why?

J xo


His and hers, baby!


These two were actual twins in real life, not just dressed that way, and looked pretty cool with their all matching err-thing. No kidding, I think if you’re twins there’s no choice but to match! BOGO!


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