Why We Rented a Hiking Backpack in Downtown Rome.


Rome is my all-time favourite city in the world, but it isn’t ideal with an active toddler if you’re trying to see the main sights. In dense areas, strollers can be tricky because people crowd in shoulder to shoulder to get close to the attractions (we’ve also seen many a broke down stroller with all the cobblestone there), and letting Henry walk is absolutely out of the question in the downtown core.

So, we rented a hiking backpack! He was high-up enough that he could see the sights and enjoy people watching, we could get to where we wanted to be without fear of him running off, and it’s a comfy ride, so why not!

What do you use in a major city as far as small-child transportation?

J xo


Bonus if you can get your dad to wear it!

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