Toddler Tuesdays: Baby Item Rentals.

Did you know that most major cities offer rentals for baby items? Things like cribs, high chairs, strollers and even boxes of toys can be rented on a per diem rate. We rented a hiking backpack in three locations having it delivered to our hotel and picked up on our departure.

For us, the debate is do we pack a stroller (double or single?), hiking backpack (what if we really want it?) or carrier (inward or outward facing?). This time we chose to bring our double stroller, which we over-praised ourselves for many a time, and both inward and outward facing carriers (nap time vs. awake time as Tom wants different ones depending on mood).  Then, on the two occasions we really wanted to do a hike, we rented the toddler friendly hiking backpack. We also rented a hiking backpack in Rome, and I’ll tell you why on Thursday!

Have you rented a baby item before? Would you recommend it, too?

J xo


We paid about $10 Canadian per day for this carrier which was worth it to me, to pack lighter!

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