Country Spotlight: Germany with Kids.

Oh Germany. We’ve been a few times (four to be exact) and while it is lovely architecture, and the natural beauty is certainly there, we just didn’t seem to vibe this go-around. Travelling with kids is not without its challenges and I found Germany to be the least welcoming to children of any of the places we’ve been so far (21 countries with kids, that is), which made our experience a bit challenging.  The more our time in Germany went on, the stronger we felt the “seen and not heard” opinion toward children.

I have a number of examples I could give to you, but I suppose my thoughts are that in theory, there are a ton of really awesome things to do in Germany. In fact, I would say that Germany is the best of the best at many things — fabulous playgrounds, amazing child-related attractions (train museums, CHOCOLATE MUSEUMS!!!!!!, themed parks, you name it!). Maybe it was the combo of a couple of bad experiences in a row, mixed with a heat wave and no air-con that tainted us? Being hot makes me grumpy so that is totally possible. I’m tempted to go when the boys are older to take advantage of their amazing bike paths, go to a soccer game, and tour some incredibly maintained medieval villages as I’m sure we’d have an absolute blast, and I want to give Germany the chance to redeem itself but this go around, it just didn’t click.

We drove from Austria straight North until Hamburg and took eight days to do so staying along the Romantic Road and in Hamburg a few nights.

Have you ever been to a country where you wanted everything to work but it just didn’t happen for you?

Anywho, until next time!

J xo


Trying to find relief from the heat at an indoor playground — still no air con.  Stinkin’ hot!!!


The inside temperature at 6 pm at our Airbnb. Our next accommodation was a four star chain hotel that also had no air. Sad face.


But how cute is the Airbnb, really?  The architecture is incredibly charming!

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