Country Spotlight: Slovenia with Kids. (Alternatively Titled: Drop Everything and Stay at Garden Village Bled.)

So! Bled! We went to Bled, Slovenia two years ago during my mat leave with Henry on a whim really. We were in Rome for six weeks, were going to nip into San Marino and as our conversations go, “You know, if we’re in San Marino anyway, Slovenia is only three hours further” so what the heck! Why not! We stayed at Garden Village Bled, an eco resort and loved it, but it’s even better now that Henry’s big enough to enjoy the amenities.

What are these amenities you might ask? There’s an eco pool (it’s a giant pond basically that is split into halves, and has plants on one side to filter the water, and a swimming pool on the other side), an ankle deep stream meandering through the site, a private hot tub with each glamping tent, and a stylish and modern interior to the tent with a spacious layout, and luxurious finishes (indoor and outdoor showers).  The food is incredible, there are toddler bikes for putzing around and adult bikes for rent, a natural playground, a kid’s corner in the restaurant (where the stream also runs!!) etc. etc.  I could ramble on about this place forever.  It is magical.

The glamping doesn’t come cheap, but there are a variety of other styles of accommodation on site including a tent over the river with a private deck and shared washroom facilities, tree houses, and a couple apartment style units in the main building.  If you have the choice to stay here (it books up in advance) please do!

Other things to do with kids in Bled?  There are boat rides leaving regularly for visits to the church on the island, row boats for rent in multiple spots, a trail all around the lake that makes for a beautiful walk, and a small town with lots of restaurant options.  Slightly outside of town are hikes, rafting, mountain biking options and so forth.  There are plenty of grocery stores in Bled, and larger supermarkets about a five minute drive outside of town.

Another unique highlight was Dino Park Bled — a cool theme park that had a little bit of everything.  Set in a forest, there was a natural playground, a one-hole mini-putt, a little cafe (with a surprisingly good cappuccino), a small zip-line style ride, moving dinosaurs, still dinosaurs, lots of plaques with interesting information posted throughout, and a Stonehenge and Easter Island knock-off.  Hey, I did say a little bit of everything!  Likely best for kids between two and twelve, I’d guess.

We stayed in Bled for four nights, and of course, wish we had more time. Here are a few photos if you’d like to see!

Until next time,

J xo


Glamping tent.


Tent with private deck below, and tree house above to the left.


This is what Tyler does when I say “just look normal.” Anyway, grass GROWING IN THE TABLE as a centre piece!


Sorry strawberry lovers, they’re gone! (You’re encouraged to eat anything on grounds that you find so long as it’s ripe.)


Swimming pool goals.


Dinosaur snacks.


Dino Park Bled.


Beautiful Lake Bled, Slovenia.