Road Trip Reality.

We made it to our glamping site (glamorous camping) in Slovenia after a six hour drive that turned into seven and a half because of an unexpected detour.  Tom screamed for the final 50 minutes as he sat in his own poop (we couldn’t find a safe spot to pull over with the construction), and Henry didn’t want “that movie” regardless of what we put on.

Do you know what the game “Eye Spy” is like in Slovenia?  The answer is green or blue.  Those are the only colours you can spy because it’s so green and beautiful, so that was short lived.  We also sang “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes” for about an hour and a half…that was after Tyler threw out our toll road ticket by accident, which meant we got CREAMED getting off the highway.  So that’s the reality of a road trip with kids, my friends!

Alas, we booked our hotel stays intentionally with long drives way-back-when as we knew it would be worth it when we got to each place.  It’s so much work to pack up and unpack that I’d rather have four or five nights in a fabulous location with a seven hour drive day, than have two or three hours of driving to stay in random locations.  Don’t let people fool you though, as there are low-lows in between those beautiful Instagram posts!

J xo


Cleaning up throw-up off the car seat/toddler at the side of the road. Germany.


Crammed, hot quarters, waiting for the ferry in Croatia.


Sometimes they sleep though!  So that helps…