How To: Write a Hotel Review.

About a day after we leave a hotel or Airbnb, I receive an email asking for a review. Having stayed in countless (I started to count and got bored…too many!) accommodations over the past three months, my thoughts are these:

If you have an absolutely fabulous time, write the review immediately. Write in detail, explain what you loved, and let your excitement seep into your comments so that other travellers can get a feel for how wonderful the experience, hospitality, quality of amenities etc. were.

If you have a bad time…give it a week. Let said excitement and passion wear off so that you are able to disassociate a personality clash with an employee for example, from the accommodation as a whole. Maybe in a week you feel like you just don’t care anymore and don’t write the review, or maybe your bad experience should be expressed but with a week’s buffer, you are able to better articulate your impression with a clear head and helpful tone.

I still have two unwritten hotel reviews and in both cases I can whole heartedly say a few weeks later I feel indifferent to the experiences, whereas in the moment I felt like I had a whole heck of a lot to say.

Isn’t that true about all of life, at points?

J xo


Germany — more toys than Henry knew what to do with!


Montenegro marks the first door we found to hang the Jolly Jumper from!


Glamping in Slovenia (requires a post of its own!).


Bol Croatia.


Austria. Love, love, love!


MSC cruise. I am hoping Henry doesn’t request towel animals at home, or I’ll have some googling to do!


Peppa Pig themed room in Garda, Italy.


Montaione, Italy — our home for six weeks!


Bled, Slovenia.


Durres, Albania.


We stayed four days after their grand opening! Macedonia.


Over the top staff in Macedonia.  Henry loved every minute!