Potable Water Fountains

I would guess that Canadians are more likely to be found carrying a drink of sorts (water bottle, coffee, tea) at any given time, than other nationalities. Wouldn’t these lovely fountains be well used at home, in Canada?

Likely we don’t subscribe to this because our pipes would freeze in the winter if not properly maintained, but what about just offering this as a summer thing at parks and trailheads?  It’s not that we don’t have any in Canada, but they are few and far between.  Even in small villages that we’ve been visiting throughout Europe, there may be six or seven locations for clean drinking water fountains.  Isn’t that wonderful?

Each time we pass one Henry requests for me to “put water on my head mum!” and he crouches under the faucet. Haven’t really seen the locals use the fountains this way, but hey, if wet hair is your thing Henry, why not!

J xo


Montaione, Italy


Tetovo, Macedonia


Kotor, Montenegro


Bol, Croatia


Bled, Slovenia


Leutasch, Austria