The Defender.

Tyler has had his eye on the Land Rover Defender for a while now. It started out light — when we passed one in Scotland, or saw one in a film he’d say “Defender” and I would silent-nod in return.

The interest grew though, and whilst I can’t pinpoint when it took a turn, slowly his interest turned into an obsession. I would receive texts in the day along the lines of “picture yourself bombing over the hills of Tuscany, boys in the back, coffee in hand…the Defender is almost a part of our family.” On-line shopping items began to show up at our house nearly weekly too; first a coffee table book, then a novel, a toy replica for Henry, a story book series for children featuring Landy and Fender, a children’s television show about Landy and his adventures. Finally I said, “Tyler, why don’t you look into it thoroughly and see what you come up with.” I just wanted to be done talking about them, really.


Tyler’s luck turned when we found out an open jaw rental car from Italy to Germany would be $12,000 Canadian (mainly because we would be leaving the EU with the car). If we sold his car, and considered the cost of savings on the rental car (which we never would have paid for the record, so our alternative would have been short haul European flights, trains and car rentals with the kids in tow) this would be the least expensive a Defender would ever cost us. And I had a feeling we’d be talking about it until one was purchased, so the perk of me not having to hear Defender facts was appealing too.

Alas, we are now proud owners of a 2003, Land Rover Defender 110 and I am mildly ashamed to say, I love this car!  Aside from all the wildly interesting (eye roll) history of the vehicle, it really has been helpful on the trip.  It fits all of our things for three months with room to spare, and we’ve used the trunk for picnics, naps, diaper changes, and shady relief during beach days.  Having this car has made our trip so much more convenient than it ever could have been otherwise.

I wouldn’t say it’s a part of our family, but I’m definitely a believer now :).

xo J