Toddler Tuesdays: The Clumsy Years.

As well as strong opinions, toddlerhood is filled with tumbles.  I don’t know what’s going on this week with his inability to balance himself, but Henry has developed a rainbow of bruises from trips and topples.  I would say we are on the “hovering” end of parenting but even still, you can’t always catch a child from getting hurt.

So what caused the bumps?

1.) Top left: a failed attempt at the splits.

2.) Top right: did a “downward dog” yoga pose and tipped forward onto his face at the splash pad.  I could actually hear this one and I was sure there would be blood.  Right on his nose/forehead.

3.) Cheek: running toward me, trips, lands on his cheek against a marble bench.  I was feeding Tom but even still, wouldn’t have been able to catch him it all happened so fast.  This has turned into a black eye at this point.  Sigh.

Not shown: choking on his banana this morning — staring at me looking terrified, not breathing, I woke the whole of Montenegro yelling for Tyler who went right into the baby first aid we had taken a class for.

He has bounced back each time after a hug and some cuddle time but it makes me so sad seeing him get hurt.  A permanent football helmut might be a good idea???

xo J