Get it, Tesco!

The first time I went to the grocery store with both boys after Tom was born, I was pretty pleased with myself.  Feeling like a million bucks (and with the adrenaline of summiting Everest having strapped two kids into the car on my own) I got the shopping cart, plopped Henry into the toddler seat, placed Tom’s car seat in the base of the cart and…oh.  Hmm.

Where do the groceries go?

I reached out to a few friends of mine to ask how they grocery shop and the answers varied from wearing the infant and pushing the toddler in the cart seat, to getting a baby sitter, to using two carts or Click ‘n’ Collect (doing your shopping online, pulling up to the store and having the employees put your pre-paid items in your trunk for you), and finally, was given the suggestion of bringing the stroller and only getting what fits in its storage area.

So that’s it.  No one offered a secret tip that made me say, “Oh my goodness, I never considered that,” or, “Oh, ya, what was I thinking, that’s so obvious.”  Instead, they just all struggled.

Well I’m here to tell you folks, the Brits aren’t struggling. Look at this saucy little trolley I couldn’t help but fangirl over.  It comes in “twins” with two infant seats, or older kid style with two side by side toddler seats, or like this — one toddler and one infant.  Hey, that’s exactly my child combination.

What a treasure.  No kidding, five weeks later I still think about that cart on the regular.

J xo