Toddler Tuesdays: The Water Bottle.

Henry is a water guzzler. He prefers his drink to be room temperature with a slice of lemon (don’t we all), but will take any water he can get his hands on.

Today, he doesn’t drink any at all. He says he is thirsty but he just won’t drink anything. We can’t figure out why. We clean his bottle again thinking maybe there’s something weird about it — maybe the soap wasn’t rinsed properly upon last washing? Hmm. We refill it with fresh water. We smell the lemon to make sure it isn’t off. Why isn’t he drinking?

“Are you feeling sick?” we ask. “No,” he replies sadly.

He starts crying “I’m so thirsty.” Then, a few seconds later follows up with sobs of, “Not that thing!!!!”

Turns out, drinking out of the bottle like this — very sad.


Drinking out of the bottle like this, with the lid removed — no problem!  (Photo quality is a bit poor as Henry wanted it on selfie mode so he could watch himself.  Ha!)

happy water

The rest of the day he’s drinking out of the bottle either way. You do you, Henry!

J xo