Toddler Tuesday: The Avocado Toast.

We try to keep Henry’s meals and snacks varied, but one thing we can count on him to put back on the regular is avocado toast.  The topping combination he prefers is mashed avocado, shaved parmesan cheese, a drizzle of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon.  To be clear, the avocado wasn’t quite ripe enough today so it’s more chopped than mashed.  Anyway.  Today, I give him the goods:



But, he only licks the toppings off leaving behind “nude” bread as he calls it.  So when he asks for more, I skip the toast and offer this:


Not cool mum.  So I put it on more toast (note variety of toast types below), he continues to lick it off the bread, and I compost this:


I love it.  You do you, Henry!

J xo