Toddler Tuesday, Week One: The Chip Debacle.

Toddlers are the funniest people in the world, I’m sure of it. There are so many random things that come out of Henry’s mouth, and watching him become autonomous has been so much fun, albeit extremely difficult in some circumstances as he opts for preferences that we just can’t provide travelling abroad (I’m looking at you, Goldfish crackers!).  That said, I appreciate his passion and determination to become his own self.

To be clear, in no way am I mocking Henry in these posts. I want to document some of the things that garner reaction as these little moments are the ones we’ll likely forget in a few months or years.

We let a couple hours pass, at which point Henry thinks it’s funny and becomes a willing participant in these photos — he also loves “being an actor, like Uncle Mark.”  If you’re a parent though, you’ll know the expressions don’t touch how he actually feels in the moment, which is at minimum, explosive.

Ok, so here goes. I’ll dub this series “Toddler Tuesdays.”

Week One: The Chip Debacle.

“Ok, ok,” I think to myself as I walk through the Whitfield Tesco, “surely we can find hummus.”  I am looking for Henry-approved snacks for the next few days as we make our way to Garda, Italy essentially living out of our car.  I don’t know about you, but after a long travel day, the idea of seeking out a restaurant and asking Henry to sit still even longer seems daunting, so we have opted for hotel room picnics until we hit our stride.   Good news, I find hummus, I find chips, and a variety of other snacks he has agreed he would eat, and we hit the road.

We get to Switzerland and it’s all good.  Hooray!  He hasn’t been upset that it’s different hummus than the kind I make at home, and he plows through the chips which is no big deal as I can get chips anywhere, it was more the hummus supply I was worried about over here.  I nip into a Migros (Switzerland’s largest supermarket chain), grab a bag of corn chips and head back to the room.

I should say, I was fully aware of the difference in the chip I bought, and of course would have opted for the same brand and style if possible, but there was only one choice.  They also tasted EXACTLY THE SAME, so needless to say, I was not prepared for the emotions involved in the change in chip shape. I see a lot of things coming, but this time I’m calling it lesson learned: tortilla chips shaped in a rectangle — good; tortilla chips with ruffles — bad.

Never one to drop a grudge, here’s a photo of him eating around the perfectly good ruffle chips, and opting to eat the dust out of the bottom of the bag of rectangle chips, instead.


Until next time,

J xo