Highway Rest Stops.

Every now and then I see something when I'm travelling that makes me think, "Huh.  That makes way more sense." Case in point, this awesome rest stop that is accessible to both the North and South bound travellers.  One building, one set of utility bills, one set of staff...you catch my drift. Kudos to you, … Continue reading Highway Rest Stops.

Grocery Store Amusement

Filed under "things we can learn from other countries" (I have more posts like this coming in the future so stay tuned!) is the availability of children's amusement features at grocery stores. Right now we're in Tuscany for the month and there are two grocery stores we're using.  Our more regular shop is just down … Continue reading Grocery Store Amusement

Kitchen’s closed.

I am sitting in the beautiful and spacious apartment we have rented for the month in a small village in Tuscany. As I write this, I can hear Paolo Nutini from the piazza’s only bar, I have a biscotti on the go, the boys are both asleep and the kitchen is (finally) cleaned. I remember … Continue reading Kitchen’s closed.