Defender Ownership

So, a couple things.


Tyler: One ten! (He strains out of the side of his mouth as we’re bombing along the M20 toward Dover.)

Me: What?? (I say, in raised volume pointing at my ear to indicate having not heard.)

Tyler: One ten!  Feels like two hundred and fifty.

  • One of the interesting things about Defenders is that they were designed in 1947 and they have been manufactured to the same design ever since.  Not too aerodynamic.
  • Want to know what driving in a 1947 tank sounds like?  Being in a rocket ship I would imagine!  The books on tape we downloaded for Henry for the drives are cranked and working just fine, so all good here.


Defender owners flock to one another.  They want to know where you bought it, how long you’ve had it, what work you’ve had done to it and who does the work.


There’s a “wave” between Defender owners.  Some toot their horn twice as they pass, some flash their lights with a peace sign, some tip their hat.  Tyler’s still trying to decide what his will be.


“It eats luggage for breakfast” was Tyler’s first reaction to the car.  The trunk space is well suited for this family of four living out of the car the next three months.

xo Jessica

Here are Henry and Tom upon first seeing the car.  Henry’s “cheeeeeeese” face.

henry defender