Defender Defender We Bought a Defender…

We’ve been singing that to the tune of Peppa Pig’s classic hit, Recycle Recycle for weeks and the time has come to meet the beast herself.

I won’t get into what a Defender is as that’s Tyler’s territory but I will say it was purchased from a lovely family in the Cotswolds, worked on by some very prompt, friendly Defender specialists in Oxford, and delivered to us with a full tank of gas to the airport hotel we’re staying at.  Katie, the mechanic’s receptionist (that seems too light of a word for how much she’s done for us the past few weeks) described it as having come to them as a farm vehicle, but leaving them a supermodel.

When we arrived to the hotel last night (Ibis Styles…anyone else love the Accor chain of hotels?), I said we were the family that had a car delivered and the five men working the desk swarmed over.  “It’s your car?” “It’s so amazing!” “When I got to work I couldn’t stop looking at it!” “We’ve been waiting to see who the owners would be all day!”  They went so far as to walk us personally to the car to show it off to us.  It’s everything we’d hope.  Henry’s still ticked it’s not blue (and I’m still drooling over the green heritage addition) but it looks great, and has a boat load of room for all our stuff.  It’s efficient on gas too, no kidding.

Tyler has done a couple runs to unpack it for the next few months, and we’ll be hitting the road today for Bruges!  Once we finish up buying diapers and yogurt tubes at Tesco of course…we’re still doing this with kids after all!

Wish us luck with the manual right hand drive.  Eek.

xo Jessica