Well this is awkward.  The blog I was going to start and chip away at every day during my “me time” was last updated nearly two years ago.  Yikesies.  I suppose that gives you an indication of how much “me time” I get?

So, let’s catch up!

1.) The infant we had backpacked Europe with for six weeks is now two years old (ah! so fun!).  He’s a ball of energy, a real chatterbox, and the funniest person I know.  He fell asleep at nap time today between sobs of “I wish I were in Italy right now” so, I guess you could say we’re two peas in a pod.  I suppose two years in, I should finally tell you his name?  It’s Henry!  Henry Wenceslaus (named after his Grampa Wenceslaus, a story for another day).


2.) I threw myself into my career after our last big adventure and came up for air for a quick minute to go to Scotland (shout out to our WestJet mechanic friend who got us 50% off flights!  Thanks Jake!).  Do you remember how Tyler lost his hotel booking privileges after his three-peat failure of hotel bookings?  I was so busy with work that he said he would book the flights for us this time and was fully aware that my only requirement was to make sure they were direct which he said he would definitely do.  And he did!  They were totally direct, in that they were direct to Halifax, and then after a two hour layover at midnight with an 18 month old we went direct from Halifax to Glasgow.  Do you think he does it on purpose to avoid travel planning?  Anyway.  It was funny even at the time, so that’s ok.  (Also in his defence, WestJet doesn’t fly direct to Glasgow.  I wonder why he thought he had booked them direct in the first place?  So many follow up questions.)  Anywho, we had a blast.


3.) Lots of Ontario fun in between then and now as well — fall time apple picking, winter sleigh rides with friends, spring time renovating (we bought and re-designed/renovated a condo as an investment property [Tyler, not me, obvs.]), summer cottaging, fall time pumpkin decorating (paint + glitter = toddler magic), and then winter again when I HAD ANOTHER BABY!  Tom Stephen (T.S on occasion, Tom Tom in Henry’s opinion, also named after a Grampa, only this time, Grampa Steve).


Birth Announcement - Screen Shot


Tyler and Tom practicing for the Pope. Blessing #2, amiright?

4.) And here we are.  Two springs later, I’m off work on my mat leave, enjoying the chaos that is two small kids and we got thinking “it feels like a good time to book a holiday.”  We fly out tomorrow and it’s going to be huge.  Like, a huge gong show, but that’s what will make it memorable.  Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

xo Jessica, Tyler, The Good King and The Author