When a train becomes a plane.

A nine hour travel day is a long day for the majority of people, but having an infant has made us more sensitive to anything time related. We’re constantly tweaking our itinerary to accommodate his schedule.

We were lamenting that while Baby is this super-traveller who handles, really, whatever we (considerately and strategically) throw his way, the train from Nice to Barcelona was going to be a long travel day. For fun, I went to http://www.kayak.com just to see if we could find one of those crazy cheap-o flights you read of, and we did! Lucky day or what?

We called the train company to see if we could refund our tickets and they said unfortunately, we could only receive 93% of our fare back. Can you believe that we refunded our train tickets, purchased flight tickets with the money and still came out ahead?

Tomorrow instead of waking up at 6 am to catch a train, we’ll have a leisurely morning, take a taxi to the airport (using some left-over train money), get on an hour and 20 minute flight to Barcelona, check into the hotel, do some laundry, have dinner and wait a minute…what’s that sound? That’s the sound of the 6:30 pm train we would have been coming into town on, had we stuck to that route.

Loving life.

Until next time,

J xo


Baby’s first car? Outside the Casino in Monaco!