It’s pretty Nice (and other cheesy puns).

We’ve said goodbye to Rome now, and have moved on in our journey to Nice, France.

It’s funny how you can feel as though you’ve seen a city in a day when you’re on a cruise or a tour, but then given a month in Rome, it’s as if we barely scratched the surface. Two years ago we had less than 24 hours in the city, and saw all of the major sights which is what brought us back this time. When we were deciding where to spend a month, we knew we liked Rome enough to get to know it more, and that the food was easy for us compared to most European countries as we’re both vegetarian; we felt confident booking our Airbnb too, because we generally knew the lay of the land which was helpful. Well, after a month of living there we feel like the more we saw, the more time we needed. It’s such an intriguing place and we feel extremely fortunate to have been able to call it home for a month.

Packing up the apartment in Rome felt a little bit sad, but the Mercure Nice Promenade des Anglais has certainly helped ease the pain. We’ve used for a number of holidays in the past, but Rome was our first time with We had an exceptional experience working with the broker for the apartment we rented, and we’d certainly use Airbnb again, but did you guys know that in a hotel, the cost for a night includes someone to clean up after you? Whoa! What a sweet deal. Sure we’re not as immersed or living like locals blah blah blah…but how awesome is it to not have to launder your own towels or make your bed. If you know us, you know we did make our own bed this morning but the point remains, while Rome was a holiday, this hotel-staying leg of the trip feels like utter luxury.

Here are a few photos from our first day in Nice. Tomorrow we’re going to head to Monoco for a little day trip (mostly because that’s all we can afford of Monaco).

Until next time,

J xo

PS. We were so excited to get to France where (between the two of us) we are conversationally fluent.  All of a sudden, we’re replying to everyone in Italian!  What a good sign that we picked up more than we realized, in only a month.


Almost at the top!  Castle Hill, Nice.


Would you trust this pilot? Carousel from 1900 = too cute!


Perfect picnic.


At the risk of sounding pretentious, the Med is my favourite body of water.  So happy to be here!