How to Spot a Local in Rome.

We’ve all been there as a tourist: we’ve stopped walking dead in our tracks despite being in a busy location to double-check our map, we’ve opted for comfortable walking shoes over fashionable footwear, and one or two of you may have even donned a money belt or a forward facing backpack.  While these acts certainly set us apart as a tourist, there is one thing I keep noticing about Italian women right now.  Ready for it?  PANTYHOSE.

I kid you not, everyone is wearing pantyhose.  Not tights, but transparent black or traditional nude (doesn’t even have to be the right skin tone for you) pantyhose are being worn by nearly all women under jeans, skirts, dresses and shorts, and are being paired with boots, sneakers, and even open toed sandals and heels.

I’ve wondered if it’s something I could get into on my return to Cambridge, but it doesn’t seem to fit my comfort-first wardrobe.  Let’s see if in five years time, this trend is spotted in Canada…that’s about how far behind we are, right?

Until next time,

J xo