Garden Village — Glamping in Slovenia

We’re back at our apartment in Rome after a week-long holiday within a holiday to San Marino and Slovenia.

Granted, I’m excited about 98% of travel, but visiting Slovenia may be the best decision we’ve made on this trip, exceeding every expectation we had. I was already looking forward to the glamping (glamorous camping), but I’ve got to tell you, sitting in a wooden barrel hot tub, star gazing with only the sounds of nature as a soundtrack, I felt like one of the luckiest women in the world. Tyler even called it a highlight of his life!

Bled itself is fabulous, but I need to focus on this eco resort. They have a “living” infinity swimming pool (plants clean the water oppose to chemicals — a fancy pond I suppose you’d think reading this, but it’s just stunning), grass planted in the centre of tables as centrepieces, private decks for yoga and meditation and three varieties of accommodation to pick from.  We opted for the glamping tents which have a bedroom, living room, dining area and bathroom on the main floor (complete with double sinks and a bump-out in the tent for an outdoor shower, that has a retractable see-through roof), and then a ladder up to a sleeping loft for two additional people.  Outside, there are two chairs and a wooden barrel hot tub for two.  The “tree house” option is a similar layout to ours, but built amongst the forested area, so that there are tree trunks exposed in your living space (how neat!), and then traditional tents are also an option with communal washroom facilities.  The tents, not to be seen as the lesser option, are set upon decks that hover above a stream.  The tents weren’t open for the season yet, but you’ll see a photo below and get an idea of it, at least!

The staff went above and beyond and were almost apologetic in everything we asked for as if to say, “I’m sorry we didn’t think to provide it to you in the first place.”  Even ordering a coffee midday was met with, “yes of course, I’ll have it to you immediately.  Thank you, thank you.”

I’ll include some photos below, and you’ll see that the sign says, “Welcome to Garden Village.”  In walking past the other tents I noticed that each welcoming board was written in the camper’s primary language, which was a nice touch.  We also had a cozy crib set up, with sheets and blankies for Baby with a forest animal theme, ready for our arrival.  Adorable!

If you haven’t yet been to Lake Bled, it’s not to be missed.  I reckon you could spend as much time as you allowed yourself, there.  If you only have enough time to pass through, you’ll throughly enjoy a walk around the lake, or a trip out to the island, but if you had a few weeks or a month, you could easily fill it with hikes and day trips making Bled your home base. Tyler hopes to come back when Baby is older to enjoy an outdoorsy, adventure holiday!

A few other highlands from the past week:

1.) Baby rolled over for the first time at 14 weeks of age!

2.) We found Huggies brand diapers (which was unfortunately, more exciting than it probably should have been.  Why are Huggies so much more absorbent than the brand we had been using here?).

3.) We enjoyed the flexibility of having a rental car, and had a wonderful experience with Avis: they had a whole room full of car seats we could pick from, and everything went smoothly.

4.) We’re settled back in, in Rome, and feel like we’re living like kings with all of our “stuff” here.  We cut back to one backpack for all three of us this past week so it feels very plush to have extras of things!

Until next time,

J xo


I rolled today (train from Bologna to Rome).


Glamping Tent.


Front Porch.

living pool

Eco Living Pool. 


Tree house in the background and tent option.