Piccolo Pleasures

Ahhh Rome: the coffee is hot, the fashion is fresh, and Steve Carell is zipping through the park on a segway.  Wait, what?  That’s right folks — Dunder Mifflin’s favourite boss was photographed with his family vacationing in Rome just yesterday at the same park we’re pictured at, in my last entry!  I am notoriously stumbling into celebrities so I’ll keep my eyes peeled and update you if we happen to see him.  Eek.

In other news, WE ARE IN ROME!  How exciting is that?  What seemed like a big city just a few days ago is already starting to feel familiar, and quite small.  Every couple of hours on day two and three we’d think that we were exploring a new area of town when all of a sudden we would stumble upon a monument saying, “oooooh.  I see where we are, now.”  Just six days later, we’re taking short cuts through town, and bypassing the white-sneaker-front-backpack-wearing-selfie-stick-holding tourists to get to our favourite grocery store and coffee shop.  Who am I kidding, we also have a favourite gelato shop too.  More on that another time.  What a great feeling.

Tomorrow we pack up for our mini-holiday to San Marino, and Slovenia.  Two new pins (three for the boys as we cross through Austria to get there).  I will let you know how Baby’s first train ride goes!

Until next time, ciao!

(P.S. Piccolo means small.  We know this because 95% of the people that we pass yell “piccolo, piccolo” in reference to Baby.  Interestingly, 95% is also likely the amount of the population that smokes.  This is not from a study, just our observations from trying to avoid smoke around a baby, which is near to impossible.  Sorry Baby’s lungs.)



Oh hi nutrients, I didn’t see you through all the carbs.  Smoothies for breakfast!

carrier ok

Mum-son day while daddy does school (and takes photos of us as we leave the building).

carrier protest

Baby decides he no longer likes the carrier, and must be carried front-facing for the duration of the day.  Good news, we were only 4km from home.  Sigh.


It’s nice to have a friend to travel with.


2000 year old pyramid in Rome.  Rando!