One Thing Leads to Another

There are a few things in life that I have a hard time resisting: the combination of peanut butter and chocolate (regardless of the form in which they are married), activities in which yoga pants are acceptable, and as it turns out, glamping in Slovenia.

A few years ago when I started rhyming off the countries I had been to as a part of a wedding shower, how-well-do-you-know-the-bride quiz, I decided I would visit every country in the world.  It was a young person’s decision, and as I’ve gotten older and gained more responsibilities the dream has become less important than it once was.  That said, if we’re going to plan a holiday (which we always are in our daydreams over coffee) we might as well go somewhere new.  And, as most of our conversations go, “you know, if we’re in such-and-such anyway, then such-and-such is only (insert distance) away.”  We’ve visited many countries through this method (I’m looking at you, Moldova!) and we’re always glad when we’ve stepped out of the plan to see a country we may otherwise not have gone to.

In the height of my visit-every-country goal, I made little itineraries and spent hours pouring over an atlas dreaming of how to accomplish my goal efficiently.  Slovenia was a bit of an island as I have been to all of the bordering countries already so we’d be double-dipping in order to get to it.  So when in conversation yesterday, Tyler made this statement, it was hard to resist: “you know, if we’re in San Marino anyway, then Slovenia is only three and a half hours away.”

Lucky for Tyler, it wasn’t hard to convince me as I have had my eye on Garden Village, a glamping/eco resort on Lake Bled for a year now, and when I checked their website (…just to see, of course…) there was only one tent left.  Is that meant to be or what?

So, after San Marino, when we were suppose to transfer west to come back to Rome through Bologna, we’ll now rent a car and will head north east through Austria (hey, if we’re in the area anyway, Tyler and Baby might as well get the Austrian pin in the map too…the dream is still alive, just with less gusto), and into Slovenia for two nights of glamping.  I can’t even handle that each tent comes with its own wooden hot tub.

Here’s a link to their website, if you’re curious!


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