Today’s the Day!

Waking up on the day you know you’re going to have a trip to the airport is especially exciting.  It’s the only time we ever have our clothes laying out from the night before, the house is always sparkling clean, and there’s a positive energy that can’t be mistaken for anything other than “today’s the day!”  We’ve used all the food in our fridge over the past few days, our backpacks are now packed-packed with last-minute toiletries, and we are in our plane-clothes ready to go.  Except we have seven hours before we leave for the airport. Naturally, the combination of a third-month birthday today, a very tolerant baby, and some spare time, a photo shoot seemed necessary.  Here are a couple pictures from this morning!


Baby Bunny

easter bunny

Bah, so cute.


And one behind-the-scenes 🙂