One lazy day last week, we were sitting around the apartment talking about what we'd do when my mum arrived. We had planned to see the sites, do some window shopping, and a trip to the Vatican, but needed an extra thing or two to beef up the itinerary. Tyler suggested going to the Wednesday … Continue reading Blessed.

Nonna’s Here!

We’ve been looking forward to this moment since we left Canada. The arrival of a grandma means lots of snuggles for Baby, a best friend for me, and in this case, lots of home made goodies for all of us have shown up. Thanks to Gramma Montague for her famous Nutella Rice Krispies Rolls, and … Continue reading Nonna’s Here!

A Whole Lotto Gelato

I’ve visited the top five gelato shops in Rome (as of the date of this post, based on TripAdvisor rankings), so that you don’t have to. Very generous, I know. To start, they’re all fabulous, and when you’re sampling the best, it gets nit-picky. That being said, here are my thoughts! 1.) L’Arena del Gelato … Continue reading A Whole Lotto Gelato

Fendi for Fountains

The apartment we have rented is just a few steps from Trevi fountain, which means at least a couple of times a day we have the privilege of walking by one of Rome's most famous monuments.  Regardless of how many times we pass by, its power hasn't been lost on me, or the thousands of … Continue reading Fendi for Fountains

The Hills Are Alive

For years, when asked what my favourite country was I could reply “Austria” without hesitation.  I truly believe it has something for everyone — extreme sports, a rich history, beautiful architecture, a strong arts community and of course, Swarovski crystals. I’ve visited around 40 countries since first going to Austria so naturally, during the eight-hour … Continue reading The Hills Are Alive

Piccolo Pleasures

Ahhh Rome: the coffee is hot, the fashion is fresh, and Steve Carell is zipping through the park on a segway.  Wait, what?  That's right folks -- Dunder Mifflin's favourite boss was photographed with his family vacationing in Rome just yesterday at the same park we're pictured at, in my last entry!  I am notoriously … Continue reading Piccolo Pleasures